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With so much attention on the mayoral race and national politics, you might not have heard much about an interesting contest shaping up for a seat in the Oregon House that represents a key swath of east Portland. As you might have noticed with our recent coverage of new neighborhood greenwayseast Portland is seeing a lot of transportation investment at the moment. That stream of funding will become a flood if the Metro transportation measure passes in November.

After years of neglect, parts of our city east of I are finally being noticed by City Hall. Edited slightly for clarity. I live in east Portland where the street design and lack of safe infrastructure limits the choices I have available to me, therefore my primary mode is a car. I do have a bike and would love to use it more which is one of the reasons I love the work I do advocating for equitable mobility options and investments in East Portland.

I live in the Russell neighborhood. It is one of the few in East Portland that has decent sidewalks until you get to the main streets. I believe in a future where all of East Portland has the same level of investments as the rest of the city. My work at The Rosewood Initiative has allowed me to be directly involved in local transportation advocacy over the past few years. How do you feel about the I-5 Rose Quarter project? I believe the I-5 project is a waste of money that will not achieve any of the stated goals.

In East Portland, we have major streets like Holgate that still do not have sidewalks. A lot of the neighborhood collectors still look like rural two lane roads, leaving people walking and biking with virtually no space to exist. Justice too long delayed is justice denied.

East Portland has been denied adequate investments in biking, walking, and transit despite being annexed half a century ago. The hundreds of millions of dollars dedicated to the I-5 project could instead be used to improve underserved parts of the city like 82nd Ave. These funds could increase walking, biking, and transit infrastructure that creates safer communities and addresses climate change.

'Crime Is Out Of Control': Minneapolis Officials Address Uptick In Violence

If elected, I will give my colleagues in the legislature ample opportunity to show their commitment to racial justice and redirect resources to Communities of Color where people are actually dying in our transportation system. Why do you support it? I understand the sentiment and recognize that no measure is perfect. Sometimes, the journey is more important than the destination. We need to start with the recognition that there were many divergent interests and parties at the table.

The measure goes a long way in creating access for walking, biking, and transit along some of the most dangerous corridors in the region, including four in East Portland; 82nd, nd, nd, and st. The program side of the measure includes anti-displacement funding, youth pass for transit, and Safe Routes to School. These were all things we fought hard for and Metro listened. And finally, this measure is only one part of a larger puzzle in addressing climate change. To address climate change we must continue to invest and expand our infrastructure which is why as state legislator, I will ensure the state takes the lead on addressing climate change by funding a Green New Deal and working to reduce vehicle use.

Driving, walking, biking, and transit while Black is real.

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My experiences are part of a greater systemic pattern of discrimination. Moreover, there is institutional racism in the way in which East County was designed, where highways were built in Black neighborhoods, which causes negative health outcomes for Black families due to the noise and pollution that goes with them.

Then, there is the lack of sidewalks for community members to get to places without being afraid someone will run you off the road. Finally, there is the lack of safe bike facilities where my son and I can safely ride our bikes and much more.

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How does the transportation issue intersect with racial, economic, and environmental justice? We cannot speak about racism, economic justice, transportation justice, and environmental justice without each other because they all influence each other. Black and Brown people are isolated in communities with limited transportation options due to intentional and racist urban planning.The shooting happened Friday night in Aloha, the sheriff's office said. The National Weather Service predicts the city will see patchy fog before 11 a.

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Crime Map for Portland, OR

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Portland metro Thursday weather: Dry skies expected; rain to arrive by the weekend Portland has not gotten measurable rain since Sept. Portland metro Wednesday weather: Another sunny day ahead The National Weather Service predicts the city will see patchy fog before 11 a.

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Inside the numbers: 3 things to know about the programs to be funded for 20 years. Planners say this would help TriMet stop buying diesel buses by The North Portland Greenway, an incomplete portion of the Willamette River trail network could be completed.Phone: Non-Emergency: Interactive report summarizing the number of gun violence incidents and injuries in the City of Portland.

Updated weekly. Interactive Dashboards. The Overtime Dashboard is an interactive data visualization of Portland Police Bureau usage of overtime.

This tool provides custom analysis of overtime data to interested members of the community and general public. Reported bias crimes to the Portland Police Bureau which meet federal guidelines for bias motivation. The Use of Force Report is an interactive data visualization summarizing most use of force Incidents by Portland Police Bureau members. This tool is built to provide custom analyses of use of force data to interested members of the community.

An interactive data visualization of and non-emergency calls received by the Police Bureau related to crash and DUII incidents as well as digitally recorded warnings and citations.

Beaverton, OR Crime and Crime Rate

Portland traffic crash data sincesummarized by mode and location on an interactive map. Phone: Non-Emergency: Read More…. Most Popular View Less. Most Recent View Less. Gun Violence Statistics Interactive report summarizing the number of gun violence incidents and injuries in the City of Portland. Reported Bias Crimes Reported bias crimes to the Portland Police Bureau which meet federal guidelines for bias motivation.

Traffic Dashboard An interactive data visualization of and non-emergency calls received by the Police Bureau related to crash and DUII incidents as well as digitally recorded warnings and citations.

Crime Statistics Interactive report summarizing the type and number of report offenses by Neighborhood. Historical Data Various archived data files.The Beaverton Police Department is dedicated to providing the community with the highest quality of information and service.

Sometimes crime statistics can be misleading. They only represent reported crime.

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In some areas residents do not report crime and in others, almost all crime is reported. Reporting also varies greatly by type of crime, while most violent crime is reported, minor property crimes are often not reported. Visit the area, talk to your future neighbors, and visit the area at different times during the day to check lighting, noise levels, and personal concerns that are important to you.

In general, crime is a deviant act that violates a law. If a crime has been committed and has been reported to the police, a criminal police report is taken. In Oregon, a law that carries potential incarceration is defined as a crime. Those crimes are further divided into felonies that may have a penalty of more than a year in prison, while misdemeanors have a maximum jail term of less than a year.

Skip to Main Content. Crime Statistics Available Information The Beaverton Police Department is dedicated to providing the community with the highest quality of information and service. Arrow Left Arrow Right.NIKE, Inc. Our first quarter revenue performance was impacted by strong NIKE Brand digital growth of 82 percent, offset by lower revenue in our wholesale business and NIKE-owned stores.

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Home Ap News News. Recommended for you.KOIN — Beaverton police know exactly what one car prowler suspect looks like, thanks to a dashcam that caught him in the act. The woman whose dashcam recorded the crime lives at the Sorrento Bluff Apartments in Beaverton. Prowlers appeared to have spent the previous night combing the parking lot, looking for unlocked cars.

And the dashcam may have done more than record the suspect: it also may have prevented a potential theft. The woman said nothing was stolen from her car. Beaverton police said 2 people filed reports about car break-ins in the area but several other neighbors posted on social media about their vehicles also being rummaged through.

You can also follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagramand sign up for our email newsletters. Local police said they are still searching for a suspect. The crash happened on Windsor Island Road N around mid-day. A pedestrian, who has not been identified by authorities, appeared to have been struck by a car. Police said the victim was found dead at the scene. KOIN -- Dozens of people gathered at Peninsula Park Friday afternoon in memory of a year-old who was shot to death in the Hazelwood neighborhood in August -- and his loved ones want the violence to end.

Those closest to Jaelin Scott said he was a great older brother, caring and funny. His family and friends gathered at the "Stop the Gun Violence" rally put on by Fridays 4 Freedom, a Black youth-led organization, which began at 2 p. Skip to content. Follow KOIN 6 for the latest news and weather. Read the Full Article. More Don't Miss.Search Oregon Beaverton Crime. Beaverton, OR Crime Follow. Demographics Neighborhoods. Find Homes Find Rentals.

Beaverton crime map. Crime map data by SpotCrime. Sign up for local SpotCrime alerts. The Beaverton crime map provides a detailed overview of all crimes in Beaverton as reported by the local law enforcement agency. Based on the color coded legend above, the crime map outlines the areas with lower crime compared to the areas with higher crime. The Beaverton crime heat map offers insight into the total crimes on a block group level.

Compare Beaverton, OR Crime. How would you rate the amount of crime in Beaverton? There is virtually no crime in this area. There is only a little crime in this area. There is more crime than I'd like in this area. Crime is rampant in this area. The best places in Oregon Here are the best places to live in Oregon Top 10 cities in Oregon with the best education system Top 10 best public schools in Beaverton 10 Best cities in Oregon for employment.

Daily Crime In Beaverton perpeople. The bar chart above reveals the rate of daily crimes in Beaverton for everyresidents. The Beaverton total amount of daily crime is 1. As for violent crimes, the daily average in Beaverton, is 1. The statistics for property crimes show that Beaverton has a daily crime average that is 1.

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How Safe is Beaverton higher is better. What are the odds that you'll be safer in Beaverton, Oregon compared to other areas of Oregon, as well as the rest of America? When it comes down to it, is Beaverton safe?

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These statistics are calculated by taking a closer look at each city's crime rate in Oregon, as well as the rest of the US.

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